Monday, May 25, 2015

Alright, a brief catch-up:

I taught class, Shereen and I have been slaying lesson plans and class schedules, I’ve been doing my level best to learn Spanish (I start with a personal teacher June 1st), as well as find time to exercise and find a pattern to get comfortable with. No such pattern has been found. There has been more good food, more seeing new things, more bus rides. Got a haircut that involved a straight razor, which was new and exciting.

I got to explore a church, as well as the ancient pyramid ruins it was built on top of yesterday, which was a ton of fun, and I find I am still at home underground. If only Moria was an actual place, I’d totally go. I got to see four guys spinning around a huge pole, suspended by ropes they carried up untethered. Saw a movie that translates to “The Big Little”, or something like that. I don’t have wifi at the moment, otherwise I’d just look it up. An excellent movie, but I think I got something in my eye, because they were quite watery at times.

There we go. Caught up.

…I’ll just be honest, I haven’t kept a record of the specific days, so I had to do a highlight reel. I find it amazing just how reliant I generally am on a set pattern of living. At home, I had work on specific days, then school, then sometimes an afternoon/evening activity, and all ran according to the minutes of an hour, once that time was up, I could move on to the next thing. “Nay, nay,” says Mexico. Times here can have a 30 minute “maybe whatever it is will be soon…” period. For everything. Well, except the movie theaters. I still love the movie theaters.

So I’m wondering just how much of the way I handle the world ought to change in the face of such a challenging non-schedule. Contrary to what most people think, I do have the introverted tendency of completely removing myself from things in order to cope with life. So what happens when those times are less frequent than I would prefer? Do I need to try and take a stand for a solid schedule, or adapt to how loose things are at the moment? What does it say of my character to be stressed out by not having things as I’d like them? Is it understandable, or is it a trait that needs to go? I suppose it could be a little of both, perhaps, but it’s certainly something for me to spend time thinking about.

Ah, I forgot a couple highlights of the week. I almost had to drive here in crazy Mexico, and I definitely did eat chili-powdered grasshoppers. It’s true that the legs get caught in your throat.

I bet my mom will be thrilled to read this.

Ah, another thing. A heavy storm showed my roommate, Oliver, and I that the ceiling in our room is very much leaky. Which was pretty funny, and though we do have to deal with that when it rains, it’s like we’re braving the elements, and we’re both still very thankful to have a clean space to call ours. Not sure if I said it in my last post or not, but he’s a German and we took great joy in our holy crusade to clean the place up for ourselves.

There, that one will make my mom proud.

Just two more struggles to write about, the first being that I miss those back home, which I’m pretty much certain will continue for the rest of my life as I meet and build friendships with people all over the world. YWAM showed me that, and know it’s a beautiful but uncomfortable thing to miss others. Just because we taste the bitter does not mean the sweet is not worth pursuing.

Second struggle is that candy and ice cream here, like all food, is ridiculously cheap by American standards. At any one moment I face the crushing temptation to go and drop like, 30 dollars and stuff my face with sugary goodness. I must stay strong.

Adventure is out there.

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  1. It is great that you are following God's plan for your life! You will always have your Church family to support you in prayer and words of encouragement.